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Stantec and the Town of Cornwall will host meetings open to all interested members of the public on Tuesday, June 11, and Wednesday, June 12. Go to our News and Events pages to get more information on our consultation program.

An Official Plan is a very important municipal document. It sets out the goals and objectives of the municipal community with respect to the development of land and establishes the foundation of the Zoning and Subdivision Bylaw that regulates land development. In many respects the Plan shapes the community, since plans typically set the direction of infrastructure development and other initiatives that the community commits to undertake.

The Provincial government must approve official plans prepared for municipalities on the Island. The Prince Edward Island Planning Act , furthermore, requires planning documents to be reviewed within five years of the their approval.

The Town of Cornwall’s current Official Plan and Zoning and Subdivision (Development) Bylaw were adopted in 2014. The Town must now review both to create new documents for the coming period from 2019 to 2024.

The Town has engaged Stantec Consulting Limited to undertake the review. Beginning in June 2019, we will be conducting consultation with the community to determine the issues community members believe require attention. This consultation is vital to the success of the planning process. Through research and community consultation, we expect to address the following objectives set out by the Town to guide our work:

  • To ensure the development, over the life of the Official Plan and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw, of a culturally and socially healthy community
  • To explore and stress the vitally important relationship between the Town and its service area
  • To accommodate orderly growth and increased safety along the TransCanada Highway made possible by the Cornwall Highway Realignment Project
  • To review and update the goals, objectives, and policies of the Official Plan
  • To review and update the goals, objectives, and policies of the Official Plan
  • To ensure the Official Plan and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw conform with Provincial legislation
  • To develop a revised Official Plan and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw that facilitates orderly growth, preservation, sustainability and economic development

We will be holding consultation meetings from June 10 through June 13, 2019, to gather information of the expectations and concerns of residents and others with interests in the Town of Cornwall. Through this website we intend to inform the public of the plan review process as it proceeds. Watch our Schedule page for upcoming events and monitor our News page for information relevant to planning Cornwall. We will be reporting findings from research for the project, the details of meeting before they occur and the results of public input after the meetings have taken place. We have posted the current Official Plan and Zoning & Subdivision Control (Development) Bylaw on our Documents page and will add new documents such as the draft proposed Official Plan and Bylaw as they are prepared.